The excitement has reached a fever pitch! This year, we have online bidding which allows you to bid on your favorite door from anywhere right from your own phone! 

Register your phone and start bidding on your favorite 2016 Doors to Recovery tomorrow, Saturday, August 27th at 8am!

If you want to follow the bids, you will have to register for the auction. You will be asked to enter your personal information and your credit card number. It won’t be any charge on your credit card unless you start bidding on a door and win!

We will have 5 groups of doors closing at different times during the event.

Doors 100 to 111 - group will close at 7pm on the day of the event

Doors 200 to 211 – group will close at 7:10pm on the day of the event

Doors 300 to 313 – group will close at 8:10pm on the day of the event

Doors 400 to 412 – group will close at 8:20pm on the day of the event ( DOOR 412 IS OURS!!! )

Live auction will start at 7:15pm for the 16 doors that have been selected.

Let the fun begin!

Thank you for your support

Veronique Chacon-Guyot, Events Coordinator, Transforming Youth Recovery

P.O. Box 5011, Reno, NV 89513