Hazel’s Hideaway was once the summer residence of the 1940’s Hollywood actress, Hazel Court Taylor.  Modernizing the function, enhancing the experience of nature, and paying homage to Hazel’s glamorous yet rugged spirit was paramount to the vision for this home.

The addition of a garage, kitchen, and outdoor living space created possibilities for expanded private areas and open living areas.  The visual impact of the addition was mitigated by enveloping the garage and kitchen with a living roof of high alpine succulents to blend with the landscape.  While the original living space included a wall of windows, a more spectacular connection to the surrounding beauty was attained by wrapping the wall of windows up to the peak of the roof opening the living space to breathtaking views.

Embodying Hazel’s spirit, a carefully curated collection of the actress’s movie memorabilia, décor, and her own sculptures and tools were set against a subtly glamorous palette of finishes and bespoke furnishings. 

Completed: 2014

Architect: land to living

Interiors: land to living

Contractor: Bruce Olson Construction

Photography: Vance Fox

Media: Feature in the Sierra Sun - Meet Your Merchant: Locals Build on Unique Family Foothold to Create Tahoe Dream Homes 2015

Media: Featured in Tahoe Quarterly - 13rh Annual Mountain Home Awards 2016: Hollywood in Tahoe's Woods

Film: Some sceens in the 2017 Australian science fiction thriller OtherLife

Award: CATT Residential Remodel Project of the Year 2015