MOLLY M. OLSON, AIA    Principal Architect and Business Manager


International Intern of Mystery

Architecture Intern

“C” grew up in the Canadian prairies amongst a large extended family. Regular family gatherings were an integral part of her childhood with the importance of “Home” being paramount. At a young age, she became very aware of the importance of place, and how both poorly & brilliantly planned spaces altered the mental and emotional state of the occupants. It was clear that some places brought people together, while other spaces seemed to initiate anxiety and confrontation.  The idea that our surroundings profoundly impact us, and thus have the power to change us, drove “C” to study Architecture in university.

Throughout her schooling, “C” found herself drawn to residential architecture and vernacular forms. The scale and familiarity of the home allows the designer to thoroughly dissect and design every detail, creating homes for families that are havens and retreats, encouraging warmth, comfort and safety. “C” is passionate about the intimate scale of design in this field and enjoys challenges like solving intricate spatial needs on complex sites and rethinking tight spaces. Her design philosophy is centered on incorporating simple luxuries in key spaces, always with a focus to detail and functionality.

Hobbies: When free time is available, “C” absolute loves to bake, and entertain. She is a budding gardener and loves spending time with her husband and two puppies.  Her outdoor activity of choice is hiking. She made the cake in the bio image.