There are various project delivery methods and each Client needs to select the one that is right for them.

Design, Bid, Build

The project is broken in to three distinct parts.

1. The client works with a designer to complete construction documents

2. The client takes those documents out to bid amongst. We suggest you qualify contractors first before falling in love with their number. There are a number of contracts you can have with contractors and we can help clients select one right for their project. 

3. Construction starts once a contractor is selected and the Architect is an advocate for the clients during all phases of construction.

Integrated Project Delivery

IPD requires collaboration among the owner, designer, and builder. The risk, responsibility and liability for project delivery are managed collectively and appropriately shared. 


With over 9 years of collaborative design/build experience, owners can benefit from a design/build project where the Architect and Builder are working jointly within the clients resources. We can select and interview contractors together to find the right fit. Commonly designing will overlap construction balancing scheduling, budget and quality. Design-Build projects can get underway sooner and streamline the process for busy clients. 


We offer a number of construction administration services  regardless the delivery method selected.

bid prep + review:

Assist owner with setting up process for bids and reviewing qualifications and bids

value engineering:

Assist owner and contractor with alternates in scope, materials and methods to save cost

procurement timetables:

Work with owner and contractor to insure selections for materials and products are timely and ready for the project within set schedule.

construction observation:

Periodic visits to the site to review construction and compare to construction documents for adherence to documents and design intent.

clash resolution:

Overlay structure and systems to resolve any consultant conflicts before the crew has to in the field.

shop drawing review:

study shop drawings prepared by various craftspeople for compliance with design intent and resolve any conflicts.

detail development:

Maximize the talents of craftspeople on the project for unique details on each project. 

punch list:

Review project completeness after project completion and note what items deviate from the construction documents.